Internal communications – also known as employee engagement or employee communications – is the corporate glue that holds a company together. Learn how to build an employee base that is motivated, engaged, and productive.

Done right, internal communications has a direct impact on employee productivity and the bottom line. Our employees are our company’s greatest ambassadors. Done right, it ensures employees have pride in their business, are committed to achieving results, and are collaborative and innovative in their work. They can help lead conversations about the organisation, safeguard its reputation, change perceptions, and motivate action.

Foundation course

This course is ideal for those who are just starting out in their internal communications career or have recently moved into an internal communications role. Through a process of formal presentation, discussion and practical exercises, this course will help you to understand how internal communications can have a real impact on the bottom line.

What you will learn

  • What your role and responsibilities are as a communicator
  • Relevant, practical information and approaches to help you put together an effective communications campaign
  • The key facets of an effective internal communications campaign
  • Tools to set measurable, well-defined objectives
  • The difference between objectives, strategy, and tactics
  • A framework for influential storytelling
  • Ideas on how to move from tactical outputs to more strategic and anticipatory thinking

Advanced course

Too often, communications departments are relegated to the production of SOS communication (send out stuff) and are not viewed as strategic counsellors. As the leader of an internal communications team, you need to develop a strategic function and strategy that’s aligned with the business and delivered by a team that’s motivated and valued.

What you will learn

  • How your team views itself and the perception of the wider organization.
  • Your team’s strengths and values
  • Areas of opportunities to take advantage of and areas of weakness to mitigate
  • The “why” of your team – what you stand for and your purpose
  • What your team’s vision and manifesto is, and how to make that happen
  • The signature initiatives most important to your business that’ll create the biggest impact
  • How to pull this all together into a strategic internal communications plan