The media machine is constantly demanding good, articulate spokespeople. Every senior executive needs to conduct a professional media interview, managing their message with confidence and control.

Companies can no longer hide behind a written statement. The media and the public expect to put a face to a company. Whether it’s trade press, local radio, a blog, or national television, journalists all want the same thing – an experienced spokesperson who is confident, passionate, and can convey complex messages in a way that’s human and compelling.

Foundation course

This course equips teams with the basic skills needed to handle media interviews and understand the workings of journalists.

What you will learn

  • Thorough understanding of the media machine
  • How to create messages for the media and building your message house
  • How to identify the issues and avoid pitfalls
  • The ground rules
  • How to deal effectively with a hostile media situation
  • Skills to turn potentially damaging questions into positive answers
  • Understanding what journalists want and what constitutes a story
  • What ‘off-the-record’ really means
  • Techniques for different forms of media

Advanced course

This course offers the opportunity to test your communication skills on camera under realistic interview conditions. You will be helped to develop the techniques, skills, and strategies needed to handle a media interview. You will be expected to handle tough questions on your areas of professional responsibility and address the tricky issues you may prefer to avoid.

What you will learn

  • How to frame your key messages and develop a message house
  • The parameters of the media and how the news agenda works
  • The importance of concise soundbites
  • How to address tricky issues and deliver a polished performance
  • Techniques for delivering your message effectively in front of the camera or microphone