An inspiring presentation starts with a confident presenter. Learn to present through engaging presentations which inspire action and influence your audience.

Giving an effective presentation is part and parcel of the business world. However, many people find it a challenge to both create and perform a presentation that’s compelling, informative, and influential. This course will develop the confidence and build the skills needed to deliver an effective presentation.

Foundation course

This course is aimed at communicators with limited experience in giving high-profile presentations. It is designed to develop confidence by providing a structured template to giving an effective presentation combined with practice.

What you will learn

  • What makes a presentation successful?
  • How to cope with nerves
  • Organising your material and how to structure your presentation
  • The use of prompts and visual aids to create the right impact
  • How to make the presentation memorable and relevant for your audience
  • How to deliver the presentation in a confident manner through your voice and body language
  • Techniques to deal with questions effectively and mitigating difficult situations
  • The power of a strong opening and closin

Advanced course

This course is aimed at anyone who has experience of presenting and would like to elevate their existing skills to a higher level. For instance, you may have to give key-note speeches and this will help you present using storytelling techniques with a simple narrative, accompanied by powerful, memorable images.

What you will learn

  • How to identify your core messages
  • The importance of simplicity
  • How to create the unexpected
  • Using emotion to tell a story
  • The three key elements to effective presentations
  • How to create memorable visuals and using pictures to tell a story
  • How to motivate your audience
  • How to improve your delivery technique